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Image of Fill My Heart With Song - Silver Rose Musical Locket ~

Fill My Heart With Song - Silver Rose Musical Locket ~


This is a heart-shaped locket that contains a vintage miniature wind-up music box. Sweet music plays when the locket is opened and stops when the locket is closed.

The locket has been set with a big beautiful oxidized silver rose in full bloom.

Cosmetically it is in very good vintage condition. There is space inside the locket for a photograph.

• the wind-up miniature music box plays a melody (choose below)

• Chain: 23":58.5 cm
• Pendant: approx 1 3/4" x 2" : 4.5cm x 5cm

Fill My Heart With Song Musical Locket ~ a part of the Heirloom Collection, an offering of classic and embellished pieces from the early 1900’s to the turn of the century. These beloved old pieces have stories to tell with their soft patinas that come only from being worn and adored. Each of these rare finds is unique and won’t be found here again.

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